No, not like some schmoozy ass.

Pro Tip: Not everyone is an extravert. If you're not, take 20 minutes and try this.'s always helped me.

Online Presence

  • LinkedIn
    • Put a pic on your profile... It's the second decade of the 21st century, c'mon
    • Customize the URL of your public profile
      1. Log in, click on your picture, select view profile
      2. On the right, click Edit public profile & URL
        LinkedIn Edit public profile
      3. On the right, under Edit public profile URL, click the pencil
      4. Type your new desired URL into the text field
        (It will tell you if the option you want is already taken)
        LinkedIn URL
      5. Click save

  • GitHub
    • If you have content to share, this is an easy way
    • It doesn't need to be code to post it to GitHub!
      • Showcase your artwork and/or designs
      • Pure text:
          - Self-publish your novel, or invite friends to help as editors
          - Maybe a repository of articles you've written
      • A website about you and/or your work (this site is hosted on GitHub : )
    • Of course, if you are (or are interested in being) a developer, you need an account

  • Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
    • If you have an account... cool
    • If your account is easily identifiable as you (or you list it on your résumé):
      • If you have controversial or crazy posts/content, take it down  ...or lock it down
      • You're trying to market yourself now, like a brand
      • Remember what happened with United when seen on social media beating and forcibly hauling passengers off planes? Maybe best not to have your brand look irresponsible, right?
    • Google yourself and see what others (even potential employers) may turn up

Still doing good, working hard, having fun, and making money... just my own way.

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